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Privacy Policy

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By Turtle - Posted on 23 August 2008

Your online privacy is important, and we respect it at KiliTrekker.Com. This privacy policy describes how we collect and use your personal information.

Information we collect

  • We may collect personal information such as email addresses, names, and addresses when you register as a user of KiliTrekker.Com. Your submission of this information is voluntary, and is not required in order to browse this site.
  • Be careful what personal information you include in your postings on KiliTrekker.Com. Any information you post to a forum, blog, or other section of KiliTrekker.Com is accessible to all internet users.
  • We may track your visits to this site using cookies stored on your computer. These cookies do not contain personal information.
  • We may also use tracking services such as Google Analytics to monitor information such as page views, browser types, and ip address locations for users of this site.

How we use your information

  • Any personal information you may submit is treated as confidential: we will never sell, rent, or otherwise divulge your information to an outside party without your permission, unless required to do so by a law enforcement agency.
  • Email addresses are used for user verification (to prevent spam bots) and to send site administration emails.
  • If you have enabled "Personal Contact Form" under "My Account", other users may contact you via email, but they will not see your email address.
  • Visitor tracking information is used for statistical purposes, to gauge site usage.

Links to outside sites

  • This site include links to outside sites, both to provide information to you and to generate advertising revenue or commissions. The sites we link to are not governed by this privacy policy, so you should check their policies (especially if you are entering personal information, such as at an online store).

Further information
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please contact us using the KiliTrekker.Com contact form.

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