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First Snowboard Descent - July 1988

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By kingofbanff - Posted on 01 December 2008

I just happened to find this website today and thought I would do something that people have been bugging me to do for years. And that is to set the record straight on the first snowboard descent on Kili. Some of my friends go nuts when they hear other people say that they were the first when they know it was me.

In July 1988, I was sponsored by Sun Ice clothing and Kemper Snowboards to snowboard down Kilimanjaro. I was accompanied by photographer/writer Barry Lewis. Reports of the trip appeared in SKI, Skiing, Sport and a four page color spread in Ski Canada.

There is bound to be some discussion about what constitutes a descent of a mountain almost 20,000 feet high with only 2,000 feet of snow/ice on it so if somebody else wants to claim their ride was better than mine then fine. In fact for all I know, somebody who cares even less may have preceded me and that would be cool to hear about too.

Here is a link to some pics I recently posted. They all belong to Barry Lewis.

First snowboard descent of Kilimanjaro 1988.