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Trekking for Keren

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By Glenn - Posted on 29 October 2008

Hi! Glenn here!
I will be trekking the Machame route from Monday 3rd November 2008, to raise funds, and public awareness of the fantastic work carried out at the Northern Ireland Children's Hospice.

My wife and I had our third child in April 2006. Very shortly after her birth, she was diagnosed with quite a rare genetic disorder, called Trisomy 18, or Edwards Syndrome. This syndrome is extremely life-limiting, and wee Keren was only with us for eight weeks, four days. Keren was cared for wonderfully in her short, precious life, by the medical staff in the SCBU in Antrim Area Hospisal, and also in the Causeway Trust Hospital, and we met many wonderful,caring people in these hospitals, that we will never forget. The Children's Hospice is the focus of my fundraising this year, because Keren spent her last week there, and the Hospice made such a lasting impression on our family, and will always be remembered with fondness, for the outstanding treatment that our whole family received when we were there.

The Northern Ireland Children's Hospice is an extraordinary place, totally funded by public donation. It really does a wonderful work, not just for the patients, but for whole families. The way they took our other two children under their wing, entertaining and helping them, was really was a "Home from Home". Lofty, the resident rabbit, is still remembered fondly! It is impossible to say, in a few words, how much the Hospice meant to us at that time, and ever since, but we are trying over the coming months, to relate some of our memories, and feelings on our website... please feel free to visit, and browse around. You can read articles about wee Keren, and follow the training for Kilimanjaro, and I will be posting photographs, and info, in the weeks following our trek.

My five companions are raising funds for the BCFC Academy, Kenya, and their site is, great bunch of guys, I couldn't wish for a better group to go with.

Myself at the Causeway CoastMyself at the Causeway Coast

Please visit and cheer me on!