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Wing of Kilimanjaro

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By Simon Mtuy - Posted on 29 January 2013

Hi All adventures! Soon Next month we have about 100 charity who are raising 1 million for charity.... Tanzania Government support this ideas? This is what is written on the website. Please comment with you thought about this matter. (READ this)

On January 27th 2013, adventurers from all over the globe will assemble at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The team, the largest ever group to attempt the world’s tallest free standing mountain, aim to ascend the 19,340 foot high and fly from the summit. The climb and paraglide mission, something that is usually banned by the Tanzanian Government, will raise over US$1 million for 3 charities making a difference on the ground in Eastern Africa; Plant With Purpose, WorldServe International and One Difference.
The expedition was made possible by a small but passionate team from Australia who have worked for over 2 years to plan and convince the Tanzanian Government to temporarily lift the ban on paragliding from Kilimanjaro for this once in a lifetime event.

1) Its this way we deal with MD goals?
2) Its this way we can make financial support to the growing country with Progress
3) Kilimanjaro is BIG mountain and add more problems over the mountain with 100 CRAZY jump off the HIGHEST POINT In AFRICA
4) Its this only way we can plans TREES for my country?

Please pass on your voices to this mountain and comment on this matters. This mountain has given me every things in life, I DO respect it for Spirit to every one who wish to climb under good manners. SM

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