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Climb Kilimanjaro | The Best Guides on the Best Routes

The single most important factor in determining the success of your climb is choosing a quality guide service.

Mount Kilimanjaro draws over 25,000 visitors annually. Nearly 50% of all climbers fail to reach the summit. To succeed on the mountain, it is imperative that climbers are guided by an experienced outfitter, with proven competence, reliability and safety. We have partnered with the top Kilimanjaro operator to offer the best guide services to adventurers from around the world.

Thomson Safaris: The #1 choice for your Kilimanjaro trek. 800-235-0289/

Trek to the summit with Thomson Safaris!

David Breashears, famed mountaineer, six-time Everest summiteer, filmmaker, and director of the epic IMAX film “Kilimanjaro: To the Roof of Africa,” fully recommends Thomson Safaris as the best company to take trekkers up Kilimanjaro. He recognizes Thomson’s superior safety standards, unparalleled experience, and unwavering dedication to quality, sustainable travel, and ethical porter treatment. We look forward to showing you the ‘Thomson Difference’ in action.


Trekking for Keren

Hi! Glenn here!
I will be trekking the Machame route from Monday 3rd November 2008, to raise funds, and public awareness of the fantastic work carried out at the Northern Ireland Children's Hospice.

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Rongai Route

Starting from the drier north side of Kilimanjaro at the village of Naremoru near the Kenya border, Rongai is a less traveled route allows trekkers to distance themselves from the busier routes on the lower elevations, a complete traverse of the mountain, a great variety of vistas that most climbers never get to see, and the possibility of observing wildlife at a safe distance. The route passes through lush farmland and pine and cypress forests before ascending into the rainforest. In the higher moorland zone you have views of the Kenyan plains.

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Kilimanjaro: The Trekking Guide to Africa’s Highest Mountain

Kilimanjaro: The Trekking Guide to Africa’s Highest Mountain
Author: Henry Stedman
Published by: Trailblazer Publications, U.K., 2006 (2nd edition)

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What should I look for in a Kilimanjaro climb service?

There are several dozen outfitters who provide climbing services in Tanzania. It can be challenging to determine which one to use. Here are some important things you should look for:

1. They care about your mountain experience (many outfitters are just looking to make money).
2. They have their own operation in Tanzania.
3. They use the best routes.
4. They provide sufficient time to acclimatize. The more time you spend on the mountain the greater your chances of reaching the summit.
5. They have high quality tents and equipment.
6. They provide experienced mountain guides.

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Moshi Town and Village Accommodations

For a night or two in Moshi Town we recommend the Bristol Cottages. Clean, comfortable, quiet, and reasonably priced rooms in private landscaped gardens in the heart of Moshi, the gateway city to Kilimanjaro.

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Summit Expeditions & Nomadic Experience

Summit Expeditions and Nomadic Experience (SENE) is a full-service safari company with our own 4WD vehicles and fully-trained English-speaking safari guides. We custom-tailor all safaris to your interests and objectives. For example, we can provide luxury safaris at the most exclusive lodges, adventurous camping safaris where you can hear the call of the wild from your tent, or mobile tented safaris that combine the best of both, with walk-in tents, beds or cots, private baths with hot showers, and five star cuisine in the African bush.