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Spam attack!

We been hit heavily by spammers here on for the past while... As a temporary measure, all new users will require approval from the site administrators before posting.

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Vayama Discount Coupon Code

Vayama is one of our favourite online flight search engines for international travel, because they search a wider selection of international airlines and flights than the other guys. Vayama books flights on regional and domestic African airlines like Air Tanzania and Precision Air, which you can't find on Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, etc.

Now it's even better because you can get $15 off your flight at Vayama when you click through the link below and use coupon code CJFLIGHTS15.

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Trekking for Keren

Hi! Glenn here!
I will be trekking the Machame route from Monday 3rd November 2008, to raise funds, and public awareness of the fantastic work carried out at the Northern Ireland Children's Hospice.

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Great start!

Thanks for the great start everybody! The KiliTrekker.Com website has been up and running for a little less than a month, and we've recorded over 100 unique visitors. Most visitors manage to find the site on their own, either by following links from another website, or through search engines. We've also had well over 1000 pageviews (not including me!), which means that the average visitor is staying on the site and spending some time browsing through our content.

Hint: if you register and login, you can see a counter at the bottom of each item that lists the number of times it has been read.

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Publicize your Kilimanjaro blog on KiliTrekker.Com

If you've already written a blog about your Kilimanjaro climb, you can help drive traffic to it by posting a link on KiliTrekker.Com. To do this, first register, then click here to create a blog entry. Write a description of your blog, and include a link.

You can also host your own blog on the KiliTrekker.Com site... A blog is automatically enabled for each registered user. To post to your blog, just follow the same instructions as above.

We made the summit via the Lemosho route and the Western Breach

My husband and I, along with another couple, climbed Kili from Aug 18-25, 2008. We took the Lemosho/Shira route and spent 8 days/ 7 nights on the mountain. We also climbed via the Western Breach.

Our guide company was Destination Tanzania Safaris and our lead guide was Justin (we had 2 assistant guides, 1 cook and 24 porters).

Our entire experience (from planning to the "reward" safari after) is documented on our blog:

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About us

We run KiliTrekker.Com as a hobby... we're not some travel company trying to sell you their services, or a guidebook publisher looking to market their brand. Our goal is just to make KiliTrekker.Com the number one resource on the web for climbing Kilimanjaro, and travelling in East Africa.

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Welcome to the KiliTrekker.Com community!

The heart of KiliTrekker.Com is an online guidebook to climbing Kilimanjaro, made up of guidebook pages contributed by fellow Kili climbers. If you have some advice of your own to contribute, we're always looking for new content!

You can also connect with the KiliTrekker community by asking a question or participating in our discussion forums, or by running your own blog on the site.