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Moshi Town and Village Accommodations

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By Simon Mtuy - Posted on 22 October 2008

For a night or two in Moshi Town we recommend the Bristol Cottages. Clean, comfortable, quiet, and reasonably priced rooms in private landscaped gardens in the heart of Moshi, the gateway city to Kilimanjaro.

Those who join Summit Expeditions and Nomadic Experience (SENE) on Kilimanjaro will enjoy overnights before and after their climb in our comfortable mountain cottages at 6,200 feet in Mbahe Village. Excellent for acclimatization prior to your climb, learn about Chagga farming and village life, swim in the mountain-fed Moonjo river and waterfall.

Summit Expeditions & Nomadic Experience
Kilimanjaro Moshi Tanzania
USA toll free:1-866-417-7661

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