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Do I need a guide and porters?

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By Turtle - Posted on 13 September 2008

Some Kilimanjaro climbers (especially those with previous trekking or mountaineering experience) would prefer to climb the mountain without a guide. Others feel that having porters carry their gear is somehow cheating, or else they want to save a little money by climbing without a guide and porters.

Do I need a guide on Kilimanjaro?
Yes, a guide is required. Even if you have the experience and confidence to climb Kilimanjaro yourself, park regulations require that all climbers be accompanied on the mountain by a licensed local guide. Kili is a busy and potentially dangerous place, and park authorities want to make sure that regulations protecting the park environment are followed, and a certain level of climber safety is maintained. (We also suspect they want to ensure the proper park fees are paid!)

Do I need porters on Kilimanjaro?
Yes and no. You will most likely be required to have at least one porter for your guide, but you may choose to carry your own gear and supplies instead of hiring porters to do it. This may be more difficult to arrange on a "package" tour, but it's certainly possible with a custom trip.

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